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About Us

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WordPress 58%
Graphic Design 90%
Opencart 40%

Vijay S Borse

Vijay the captain of Yogi Ayurvedic has ensured that he has won every match whether T20, One day or Test match. In his 30 year career he has bought in focus, discipline, perfect planning and imaculate execution for himself and his team. From making a start as an executive to heading various business..

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Nitin Sawale

The soft spoken Nitin, heads sales, marketing, distribution and customer care for Sarda Farms. This keeps him awake from 3.30am in the morning to 10.30pm at night and he does this every day of the year, ensuring the 30000 transaction that happen day in and day out have minimum errors.

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Jagdish Kulkarni

As the head of the biggest SBU-Beedi, Jagdish comes across as the most unassuming person who has worked his way up the rank and files of the organisation. His commercial acumen has seen him keeping a tight control over budget over runs as is seen in the most large projects, and this ensured that the City Centre Mall...

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Vivek Kapoor

Some say, he has the most enviable job in the world as the General Manager of a boutique hotel – Apple Country Resorts and that too in Manali, one of the most picturesque locales in the Himalayas. His expertise range from writing essays on holy cows, greedy dogs, making one of the best ‘baingan bharta’ on this planet...

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49 Archdale, 2B Charleston, New York City, USA

Support: +777 (100) 1234
Sales manager: +777 (100) 4321
Director: +777 (100) 1243
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