Yogi Ayurvedic

Ayurveda holds many cures and Yogi Ayurvedic is on a mission to make ayurvedic OTC products within reach of the common man. Operating in 10 states and available across 25000 outlets, the Yogi range of products have a strong customer following.

Kanthika, a sugarless throat pill has been helping people with sugar problems and otherwise as a safe alternative to sore throat issues. Aloe Vera gel is helping people with the benefits of the unique medicinal properties of the plant extract. Adulsa- a cough syrup made from the Adulsa herbs.
Office Address:
Yogi Ayurvedic Products Pvt Ltd,
Camel House, Nashik – Pune Rd, General Vaidya Nagar,
Nashik, Maharashtra – 422011
Website : www.yogiindia.com