Welcome to Sarda Group!

Each business has an aggressive growth plan and a vision which is unique to that business. We are well positioned competitively in all the businesses we operate in.

We have an equally large and diverse non-profit face and will continue to contribute to the society in any manner possible.

Who we are

We are a proud startup with a very strong foundation and legacy. Our journey started over 100 years ago with a humble beginning of 3 workers and today we stand tall with over 16000 workers and 1000 plus management team across 6 verticals.

All verticals are managed by experienced leaders and a team of professionals. With operations in 10 states and manufacturing in 4, Sarda Group works with an agility of a startup and an inheritance of a strong culture that has transformed with the changing times.The strong ethos that we have inherited ensure focus on people as we diversify into

  • Dairy
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Ayurvedic OTC
  • Education
  • Beedi and more

Shrirang Sarda

Shrirang took over the reins from his father Shri Kisanlal Bastiram Sarda at the age of 21, post his MBA from Rochester University, USA. While ensuring process innovations in the existing businesses and making forays into new unchartered territory led the organisation to deliver a 4x growth in profits for last 7 years.

First came Retail, the target was to build the first shopping complex and the biggest mall in Nashik which has become a destination point. The Farm to home dairy business, with an extreme strong focus on quality of products and service is today an enviable niche venture and growing at a blistering pace. Shrirang has always guided the organisation to stay ahead of the curve, whether introducing computers way back in 1984 or making investments in yet unheard of businesses and processes.

Shrirang is an avid reader and juggles between his kindle, iPad and books, and every now and then sneaks out at dawn, for a game of Golf.