I joined Sarda Farms as a Team Leader few years back and have worked my way up to my current designation as Assistant Manager. To be honest, was a little skeptical at the time of joining. With a past experience in MNCs that had time-tested modules, processes and systems in place, committing to a family owned organisation was a little uncomfortable.

The setup was new and the challenge was to lead an absolute new team but what kept me going and still drives me today to do my best is the Management’s TRUST and BELIEF in my capabilities.

Sarda Farms has been an incredible journey of learning. It has helped me learn and grow as an individual and as a team player. It’s a pleasure to be part of this vibrant community and I simply enjoy my work here.

Today, I stand tall with my vast experience and proudly say that I am a Sardaite!!!

Assistant Manager – A Saradite since 2013

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