Dinesh Kumar

I joined Sarda Group in Mall Department as a Management Trainee, as a campus hire from IIM-Indore. I was promoted as Marketing Manager in just 6 months. It has been a great learning experience until now.

Every day in managing a shopping mall we face new type of challenges and personally I like this challenging environment as it gives me an opportunity to learn something new every day.

From the day one, I have been given power to take decisions and if any decision went wrong, I have been explained in detail where I went wrong and how to deal this in future. This power also gives me an inspiration to take new initiatives, which could help in improving mall.

Culture in our team is very open. Every member is accessible at any time and everyone tries to contribute to discussions/meetings.

Nashik as a City is a perfect blend of peacefulness, culture & awesome weather. It is very near to Mumbai, so people who want to enjoy night life of Mumbai can easily go to Mumbai on Saturday and can come back on Monday morning for their routine.

Finally, in one sentence, I want to say that “I am enjoying my stay at Nashik City and loving my work in Sarda Group.”

Manager marketing – Sardaite since 2015

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