Ved Mandir

The emblem of pilgrimage, located in Nashik, is dedicated to Guru Gangeshwaranandji Maharaj, the ambassador of Vedic practice in modern times. The Mandir was constructed by Shri Kishanlalaji Sarda and his wife in the memory of his late father Shri Bastiramji Sarda. The Mandir is a treasure trove of the original scripts, audio and video files of the Vedic mantras.The idea is to generate and encourage Vedic practice amongst people and reach the true spirit of the ancient Indian culture to them.We also run professionally managed Dharamshalas in Alandi and Pandharpur. The aim is to provide comfortable and affordable stay to all pilgrims.

Address :

Ved Mandir
Trambakeshwar Rd,
Matoshree Nagar, Nashik,