Rasbihari International School

In a universe where Education is more or less an assembly line system and getting more unaffordable every day, Rasbihari Internation School is on a mission to make the better education within the reach of the common man. Internationally recognized as the most inexpensive IB school in the world and opening its doors to CBSE […]

Veedi Kamgar Kalyan Pratisthan

Our welfare initiatives for our beedi workers are undertaken by Veedi Kamgar Kalyan Pratishthan, an NGO devoted to the empowerment of the beedi workers. VKKP works extensively to develop the Vocational training, Education, Health care, Support for specially enabled people, Insurance. VKKP organizes special program to educate the workers about various government welfare schemes and […]

Ved School

The first ever school to teach Veda, founded in Nashik, teaches the holy Vedas to people irrespective of their caste, sex and religion. The Vedas are taught in English and Sanskrit. Students are provided with various facilities such as boarding, school, transport and food to encourage participation. The school has a well-compiled database of all […]

Ved Mandir

The emblem of pilgrimage, located in Nashik, is dedicated to Guru Gangeshwaranandji Maharaj, the ambassador of Vedic practice in modern times. The Mandir was constructed by Shri Kishanlalaji Sarda and his wife in the memory of his late father Shri Bastiramji Sarda. The Mandir is a treasure trove of the original scripts, audio and video […]


Pujya Bansibaba Karwa Dharmshala at Alandi is just a kilometer away from Saint Dyaneshwar Maharaj’s temple and Sarda Bhavan Dharmshala at Pandharpur is just 2 kilometers away from Lord Vitthal’s temple. Both the Dharamshalas have all modern facilities for pilgrims and apart from well-appointed rooms the, Pandharpur Dharamshalas also has halls. The not for profit […]